sunset at Puteri Harbour

Visiting Puteri Harbour, Malaysia

Singapore has so much to offer but the one thing it doesn’t have is peace and quiet. It’s pretty hard to get away from the hustle and bustle while on the island. Thankfully, it’s easy to leave Singapore and travel around Southeast Asia but sometimes you want to be spontaneous and not go on an airplane. Thankfully, Malaysia is easy to get to as long as you avoid peak commuting times. I visited Puteri Harbour recently and was pleasantly surprised.

Puteri Harbour is a short 20-minute drive from the Tuas Checkpoint (immigration checkpoint before crossing a bridge to Malaysia) but yet it’s a world away. The area is still under development and was hit hard when the pandemic struck but that’s precisely what I liked about it. You can stay last minute for less than $100 USD with beautiful pools overlooking the harbor and Singapore. The restaurants don’t require reservations and you won’t be competing for the attention of the staff. This makes it the perfect place to take a day or two to either catch up with yourself or just catch up on your reading list. It was precisely the lack of entertainment and crowds right outside my door that I enjoyed most.

I hung out by the pool, writing, and reading, and enjoyed not having to be anywhere else.

Where to stay

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

Fraser Place

What to do

I love the change of pace from Singapore (i.e., quiet and not bustling). The area is still under development so you’ll mostly have to drive. That said, there are things to do in the area.

  • Take your kids to Legoland
  • Walk along the Harbor Walk
  • Take advantage of the favorable exchange rate and do some shopping
  • Try some local roti cenai in Gelang Patah at Amir Prata

Where to eat

The area around Puteri Harbour seems to cater mostly to Western tastes. It’s mostly standard fare but they are all good options.

Where are your favorite places to get away to?

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