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Last-Minute Gift Guide: Singapore Edition

Yes! I’m behind! I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping which is a big problem when you’re an expat. That means that I don’t have time to send all the cute Singapore-themed gifts that so many others send. Whether you are a last-minute expat like me or whether you are just last-minute, here’s my gift guide.

Corporate or family gifts

These gifts have nothing to do with Singapore but I give them every year with a couple of tweaks to keep them fresh. These gifts are always welcomed time and again.

Frog Hollow Farm

This company has the BEST fruit preserves! They are low in sugar but high in flavor using the highest quality ingredients. Their fruit represents the best of California produce. They also sell their own granola, dried fruits, and seasonal fruit shipments.

Le Marais Croissants from Williams-Sonoma

This is a great gift if you have loved ones who don’t have easy access to great French bakeries. Le Marais used to be one of my favorite stops in my neighborhood in San Francisco. I love sending these out to family for Christmas morning. It makes me fell like I’m able to be there.

The following gifts are all versions of things I buy regularly in Singapore but don’t have time to send from here. Enter Amazon! I don’t think any last-minute gift guide would be complete without this logistically blessed company!

For Kids

LEGO Architecture – Singapore

I love this set for the LEGO fans around me. These sets are great when you’d love to send something from your home city but just don’t have time to deal with shipping, enter Amazon!

Book Gifts

The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Box Set

Nothing says Singapore more than this fun, light-hearted set. You’ll get a good taste of Singapore but from the perspective of the very elite.

From Third World to First: The Singapore Story: 1965-2000

If history is more your thing, this account of how Singapore became the modern city that it is. It’s hard to imagine but when you talk to the older generation in Singapore they will tell you how different it was when they were children.

Food Gifts

Kopi Luwak

It’s not from Singapore but for the coffee connoisseur or the adventurers, kopi luwak, is coffee that has passed through the digestive system of the civet cat which is common in Southeast Asia. It’s the smoothest coffee you’ll ever taste but not something you would buy for your everyday cuppa.


In Singapore, it is just called, kaya, but this coconut jam is ubiquitous throughout Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It’s eaten on toasted bread, slathered with butter with poached eggs on the side. It’s typically a breakfast food here but you can get it all day. I typically have mine as an afternoon snack and skip the eggs.

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