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In Plain Sight – Bras Basah

I love to wander around with no plan. I’ll often see things I’ve passed a hundred times but never notced before or suddenly see something in a new light. This series is more pictorial and more about things that make an impression on me.

Bras Basah is considered the arts and heritage center of Singapore. This historic district is located next to City Hall and houses art schools, museums, and monuments. The art schools add a hipster vibe to Singapore’s typically conservative atmosphere.


I strolled through the grounds of the old Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (now called CHIJMES) which is typically quiet in the daylight hours but seems to have become popular with influencers of which there were several. I enjoyed watching them scowl one moment only to smile brilliantly the second the camera turned their way. At night, the restaurants and bars here come alive with expats looking for the tropical, yet civilized vibe that these British Colonial style buildings provide.

I peeked inside the CHIJMES hall, which starred as the Crazy, Rich Asians wedding venue. I don’t know how they flooded the floor but the arches inside are beautiful. It’s undergoing some renovations, so I didn’t grab any photos.

Waterloo St

I wandered down Waterloo St and discovered two small theater buildings, in beautiful shades of blue. Between these charming buildings, I was amazed to see a society dedicated to the teaching of Chinese Calligraphy. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was.

I have no idea what the red and white building is but I just liked it and the same with the green building.

Bras Basah Complex

Later, I ended up at the Bras Basah Complex which is like stepping back in time. It has close to one hundred small businesses offering print services, books, stationery, framers, and other trades we rarely see anymore in the West. Looking back, I wished I had taken photos of this complex for you. There are so many shopping centers like this tucked in corners across Singapore and I find them fascinating. I haven’t figured out how to take interesting photos of them for you but if you are interested, let me know!

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